CheckUp Disposable Probe Covers.

The CheckUp Disposable Probe Cover ensures hygiene and safety during ultrasound procedures. It provides a barrier to prevent cross-contamination. Each cover is made from high-quality latex-free material, ensuring patient comfort and reducing allergic reactions.

The cover fits snugly over the probe, maintaining clear and accurate ultrasound images. Its easy-to-use design allows quick application and removal, saving time during procedures.

The disposable nature of the cover eliminates the need for cleaning, promoting efficiency and hygiene. Each pack contains multiple covers, offering great value for medical facilities.

The CheckUp Disposable Probe Cover meets all international safety and quality standards. It is compatible with most ultrasound probes, making it versatile for various medical settings.

Choose CheckUp for reliable, hygienic, and convenient ultrasound probe covers. Ensure patient safety and maintain high standards of care.

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CheckUp Ultrasound Probe Covers

  • Natural Rubber Latex
  • Non Sterile
  • Straight-walled, round-ended and with a smooth surface
  • Offers protection for patient and healthcare workers against cross-contamination
  • For Single Use Only | Length: 180mm (Min.) Width 53±2mm