CheckUp Vaginal Probe Covers provide essential hygiene and protection during medical examinations. These covers ensure a clean and sterile environment, preventing cross-contamination between patients.

Made from high-quality latex, they offer a secure fit on most vaginal probes. Each cover undergoes strict quality control to meet medical standards. You can trust their durability and reliability during every use.

The covers are easy to apply and remove, saving time during examinations. Their smooth surface ensures patient comfort and ease of use. CheckUp Vaginal Probe Covers come individually wrapped for maximum hygiene.

These covers are disposable, promoting a safe and sanitary practice. By using CheckUp Vaginal Probe Covers, you ensure a professional and safe examination experience. Their high quality guarantees both patient and practitioner satisfaction.

Choose CheckUp Vaginal Probe Covers for dependable protection and hygiene. They are an essential tool for maintaining cleanliness in medical settings. Ensure a sterile and comfortable examination with CheckUp Vaginal Probe Covers. Your patients will appreciate the attention to hygiene and safety.

CheckUp Vaginal Probe Covers deliver reliability, comfort, and convenience in every use. Enhance your medical practice with these essential covers.

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CheckUp Ultrasound Probe Covers

  • Natural Rubber Latex
  • Non Sterile
  • Straight-walled, round-ended and with a smooth surface
  • Offers protection for patient and healthcare workers against cross-contamination
  • For Single Use Only | Length: 180mm (Min.) Width 53±2mm